Loved finding my doable goal, based on what I want, not should do.

Ellen B., NY Athletic Club member

100% of Food Service Enablers onsite employees attended the wellness presentation with 85% wanting to participate in off hour’s wellness activities and health coaching.

EHA Exit Survey Results

Maureen is someone who is sincerely invested in the well being of others.

Peter C., Health Coaching Client

Loved seeing wellness thru a new lens: not what I should do, but what I really want to do; putting that into a goal and striving for that, leverages the success rate of the goal.

Larry C., Manufacturing Rep

Maureen had the ability to assist me “step by step, ” which kept me from experiencing overload, which motivated me each week to take on another small doable/ SMART action step.

Kelley W., CNY Builders employee

Maureen provided a company wellness plan,  that included ACA information, wellness presentations, health coaching and smoking cessation, which brought tremendous value and results to our company.

Gary Wright, Owner CNY Builders