I used the idea of a SMART goal in a previous blog and used an example of taking the stairs. A previous client did that exact action step. His awareness from the action step blew him away. He found himself “sucking air” when he got to the top of 40 stairs. He was stunned at how out of shape he was, yet going to the gym was out of his schedule. We found a way to make it work.

Let us know if you found a way.  We would love to hear from you.  Share your ideas, how did you made it work.  You never know whom it may help!

His action steps:

  • He parked his car 15 minutes away in the parking lot. He looked at how much time it took him and tried to increase his speed every few days.
  • He continued to take the stairs once a day for a week and noticed how eventually he was less winded.
  • He purchased a pedometer at a local store for $10
  • Decided to walk at lunch for 20 minutes 2 days a week. If he could not get it in- he pushed it to another day.
  • In 6 months he was not taking the elevator anymore- had lost 15 pounds- had more energy and looking a new ways of fitting exercise in