From simple presentations to overall wellness programs Empowered Health Advantage (EHA) helps you grow a business culture of optimal health and productivity. Our programs engage employees into wellness. We don’t push.

We start by understanding company concerns, employee interests and general claims data. We combine that information to address those concerns and create a program that is engaging, informative and motivating.

EHA programs, coaching and wellness education are customized; one thing does not work for everyone. We find the best fit for your company and - most important - your employees. We listen to your needs and find ways to make approaching and achieving a healthier lifestyle attainable.

Corporate Wellness
  • Health Coahcing

    Employees “pumped” and empowered with information, after “Financial Fitness” class.

    What works for one company does not work for everyone.  Our focus= company specific, employee driven, results oriented.

  • EHA is your project manager in the development, implementation, evaluation and maintenance of your wellness program.
  • Employee engagement in wellness programs can vary from those who are engaged those who feel an intrusion into their privacy.
  • EHA programs hold a compassionate message, not a dogmatic memorandum.
  • Continual evaluation and feedback is important to us. It allows for adjustments to improve the program on a consistent basis, reset objectives to increase/maintain engagement, establish program satisfaction and have fun along the way.
Health Coaching
Putting Pieces together of Health Coaching

Coaching = Small Steps and Putting the Pieces Together

Coaching is a conversation that brings out the best thinking and decision making so clients can find answers and create the results they are looking for, thus creating their best self.

A key part of the process is listening to the client and asking questions. Answers that come uncover barriers and identify desires that the client is seeking.

An overall goal is established and the client decides one small action step at each session. Action steps are SMART, meaning­­­­­­­ Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

Gentle accountability and SMART action steps leverages the client’s ability toward success which brings confidence, empowerment and maintenance of their goal/healthy behavior.

Sessions are confidential and are held in person or via phone.

A signed confidential agreement is required between the coach and client and is HIPPA, ERISA and GINA compliant.



Wellness Education
Presenting to NY Athletic Club Members. New York, NY

Presenting to NY Athletic Club Members. New York, NY

Wellness education is an integral part of working with EHA.

Wellness information can be confusing and is ever changing, thus clarity and research on wellness topics is important to us.

We customize our presentations and topics to your business and employee interests, which increases employee engagement.

Exit survey results drive future wellness education along with overall program design customizing what works for you and most important- your employees.

EHA programs and materials are researched based, list sources and can be easily applied to your workplace setting.

Presentations, webinars and other materials are educationally based and not to be considered advice or to be used without a doctors consent.



We follow the 7-benchmark strategy designed by WELCOA; a recognized national leader in workplace wellness with over 20 years of researched based information and experience.

This model has been used in many successful corporate wellness programs, clarifies the process and sets the program up for successful outcomes.