Program Topics

What we do

  • We align employee interests and company concerns so your wellness program becomes engaging, informative, and motivating.
  • Act as a project manager in the development, implementation, evaluation and maintenance of your wellness program using simple presentations/3-6 month initiatives/health coaching/year long contracts.
  • End result? A culture towards optimal health and productivity, which retains and attracts skilled employees and cuts costs.

Hot Topics in Wellness

Fitness at work: 9 to 5 - How 1 minute per hour can have big benefits -Yes! I did say that

  • Research indicates that inactivity has surpassed smoking regarding health care costs. Research available upon request.
  • Tools that make it easy

Financial fitness

  • Finances- leading cause of stress
  • 75% of Americans are living pay check to pay check

Take charge- medical self-care/consumerism

  • Health care is affected by the following
    • Challenges/deficiencies in medical system
    • Increase cost of medical treatment
    • Increase in chronic disease – 80% preventable
    • Increase # of baby boomers about to put an additional strain on medical system
  • Tools to “take charge” and optimize your health care.

Mindset- varied topic

  • Mindset for better health
    • Leverage your ability for consistent healthy behavior’s
    • Explore various patterns that keep us stuck
  • Mindset-Communication-Perception- Their Impact on Stress and Productivity

Stop Stress this minute

  • Engage in practical stress management activities to build awareness and learn skills for managing stress

Primary and secondary foods

  • What are they, how they influence each other and the choices we make
  • Balance or integration?