Some of us look at a healthy activity as “ I should eat more greens, should get to the gym.” Sounds like someone scolding me inside my head. At times I need that, but on a repetitive basis, its not a very empowering statement and does not really motivate me. So, lets switch that to “ I could. I could take the stairs one time after lunch and see how it goes. It’s amazing what you could learn from taking that stairs for the first time.   Making one change starts the process. We think goals have to be big to get results. Start where you are; be consistent and you will get there.

Action steps:

  • How often are you using the word “should” vs. “could? ”
  • Grab one “should” and change it to “could” and see how it feels. Generally much better than “should”!
  • Continually grab should and substitute could.
  • Find one small action step that you could take, and then decide when to take it. Make it “SMART”-simple/specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.   You will get it done that way.
  • Reward yourself for the work you have done, show compassion for yourself and others on your path to progress, no matter where you are on the journey.