Could you take the stairs one time and the elevator the rest of the day? That is a start, a small action step. So lets make that a “SMART - doable goal.” In the next blog I will show you how one client made small action steps into sustainable healthy change.

SMART GOAL- I will take the stairs,(S) one time (M), after lunch, on Tuesday (T)  and be aware of how my body feels after.- (The goals is realistic (R) and attainable (A)

  • S- Specific- I will take the stairs
  • M- Measureable- one time
  • A-Attainable- Choose a staircase that is doable- not 34 floors like I tried one time
  • R- Realistic- Stairs that you can realistically climb
  • T-Timely- on Tuesday

Action steps:

  • Decide on one small action step that you could accomplish.
  • Post it below; and tell us when you did it
  • How did you feel after you accomplished it
  • What did you discover, become aware of?
  • Were you able to make it smart?