In my education and years as a health coach, I have found heath/ wellness/ medical information is confusing and ever changing. 72 % of people who use the Internet look online for health/wellness and medical information.

Action steps:

  • When researching health/wellness information, look for a HON code at the end of a website. The HON code means that the website carries reliable information and is subject to review by a credentialing body of medical doctors and researchers. I don’t always use a HON site but it’s a good standard to follow. Click here for the HON code image and information regarding the boards credentials.
  • Use a site for general information if that helps, BUT, BUT, always talk with your doctor.
  • Look for research links on a website. Any research worth its weight in salt has 1000 participants, and has been through a double-blind- peer review process. OK-Google that one, too long to explain here.