Easy Steps to Better Health | An Action Step Blog


Our “Action Step Blogs” are here to inform and provide some very small action steps that you can take toward wellness. Our blogs will focus on Corporate Wellness, Mindset for Better Health, Wellness Education and Health Coaching and are found under “categories,” lower right corner of this page.


                                       We all know what to do to get healthy, so why don’t we do it?


A key area of focus will be “Mindset for Better Health” which will cover a vast area of topics with action steps that lead to awareness.


Perception, boundaries and mindfulness are just a few along with the physical aspect of how both primary (lifestyle) and secondary (food) plays into the mindset arena.


All blogs will eventually be posted on FB. We would love to hear the steps you have taken. Doing this you share the wealth and support others in their endeavors toward better health.

No time to de-stress? Got 1 minute?

You really can do a lot in 1 minute and you don’t need an app. A simple reminder set on your phone can do. Stress is huge in our everyday lives. We’ve learned to dismiss it, numb it away with food, drink, or anything to dismiss it. Usually we just keep moving; shove it away, or deal with it later. The key is to be aware of how stress is building up. Action step Check into how you are feeling.  If your really ticked off, try to find a way to release the anger and you may find the deep breathing exercise to be helpful as your focus will be on your breathing. 1 minute deep breathing exercise Check in with how you are feeling before you start this exercise Rate your stress level from  1 to 5 Close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose Concentrate on the feeling of air going through your nostrils. At the top of your breath (can’t breath in anymore) hold your breath for a count of 4 Then release the air again through the nostrils and see if the air is warm or cool Continue this process for about 4 to 5 times-which will usually last about 1 minute Rate your level of stress from 1 to 5   Let us know if it was... read more