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Our “Action Step Blogs” are here to inform and provide some very small action steps that you can take toward wellness. Our blogs will focus on Corporate Wellness, Mindset for Better Health, Wellness Education and Health Coaching and are found under “categories,” lower right corner of this page.


                                       We all know what to do to get healthy, so why don’t we do it?


A key area of focus will be “Mindset for Better Health” which will cover a vast area of topics with action steps that lead to awareness.


Perception, boundaries and mindfulness are just a few along with the physical aspect of how both primary (lifestyle) and secondary (food) plays into the mindset arena.


All blogs will eventually be posted on FB. We would love to hear the steps you have taken. Doing this you share the wealth and support others in their endeavors toward better health.

Sitting disease, the new smoking?

“Sitting disease” or decreased activity is a term used by scientific community and is commonly used when referring to metabolic syndrome and the ill effects of an overly sedentary lifestyle. “Sedentary jobs have increased 83% since 1950; physically active jobs now make up less than 20% of our workforce.”   Dr. Steve Aldana has stated that 15% of health care costs are due to inactivity in the workplace. Some are calling it the “new smoking”; a new behavior that has to be extinguished. I will have a “white paper” on this in June as this is a hot topic today in workplace wellness. Action steps Move every hour! It makes a difference!  Set a reminder on your phone via the following: App- Easiest- I set an alarm through Siri to remind me each hour that I am at my desk  ... read more

No more “shoulds”, just could.

Some of us look at a healthy activity as “ I should eat more greens, should get to the gym.” Sounds like someone scolding me inside my head. At times I need that, but on a repetitive basis, its not a very empowering statement and does not really motivate me. So, lets switch that to “ I could. I could take the stairs one time after lunch and see how it goes. It’s amazing what you could learn from taking that stairs for the first time.   Making one change starts the process. We think goals have to be big to get results. Start where you are; be consistent and you will get there. Action steps: How often are you using the word “should” vs. “could? ” Grab one “should” and change it to “could” and see how it feels. Generally much better than “should”! Continually grab should and substitute could. Find one small action step that you could take, and then decide when to take it. Make it “SMART”-simple/specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.   You will get it done that way. Reward yourself for the work you have done, show compassion for yourself and others on your path to progress, no matter where you are on the journey.... read more

Confused on health information? Use HON code

In my education and years as a health coach, I have found heath/ wellness/ medical information is confusing and ever changing. 72 % of people who use the Internet look online for health/wellness and medical information. Action steps: When researching health/wellness information, look for a HON code at the end of a website. The HON code means that the website carries reliable information and is subject to review by a credentialing body of medical doctors and researchers. I don’t always use a HON site but it’s a good standard to follow. Click here for the HON code image and information regarding the boards credentials. Use a site for general information if that helps, BUT, BUT, always talk with your doctor. Look for research links on a website. Any research worth its weight in salt has 1000 participants, and has been through a double-blind- peer review process. OK-Google that one, too long to explain here.... read more

Get SMART! Action steps toward better health

Could you take the stairs one time and the elevator the rest of the day? That is a start, a small action step. So lets make that a “SMART - doable goal.” In the next blog I will show you how one client made small action steps into sustainable healthy change. SMART GOAL- I will take the stairs,(S) one time (M), after lunch, on Tuesday (T)  and be aware of how my body feels after.- (The goals is realistic (R) and attainable (A) S- Specific- I will take the stairs M- Measureable- one time A-Attainable- Choose a staircase that is doable- not 34 floors like I tried one time R- Realistic- Stairs that you can realistically climb T-Timely- on Tuesday Action steps: Decide on one small action step that you could accomplish. Post it below; and tell us when you did it How did you feel after you accomplished it What did you discover, become aware of? Were you able to make it... read more

Small action step=BIG change

I used the idea of a SMART goal in a previous blog and used an example of taking the stairs. A previous client did that exact action step. His awareness from the action step blew him away. He found himself “sucking air” when he got to the top of 40 stairs. He was stunned at how out of shape he was, yet going to the gym was out of his schedule. We found a way to make it work. Let us know if you found a way.  We would love to hear from you.  Share your ideas, how did you made it work.  You never know whom it may help! His action steps: He parked his car 15 minutes away in the parking lot. He looked at how much time it took him and tried to increase his speed every few days. He continued to take the stairs once a day for a week and noticed how eventually he was less winded. He purchased a pedometer at a local store for $10 Decided to walk at lunch for 20 minutes 2 days a week. If he could not get it in- he pushed it to another day. In 6 months he was not taking the elevator anymore- had lost 15 pounds- had more energy and looking a new ways of fitting exercise... read more